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Ann Arbor Tees’ ‘Merica Swag Now Available!

Well, we survived it, America. Canada clearly had a few too many Molsons, and passed out sometime in December with the air conditioning running full blast. We hunkered down through polar vortexes, thundersnow, frost giants, and an endless parade of dashboard thermometer photos in our social media, knowing that eventually our beloved cousin in the north would wake up, shake the hangover, put on their favorite (favourite?) Barenaked Ladies’ record, and kick off Spring.

And so they have! The birds are singing, Hodor is Hodoring, and pretty soon you’re going to be at a BBQ wishing that you had an American shirt so American that ‘Merica – because it’s always okay to end a sentence with ‘Merica.

We offer our favorite selection of our ‘Merica swag below – all available through Amazon Prime for lightning fast delivery to your door. Party safe this summer, we love you!