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Unisex Blend Fashion Tee - Triblend

Bella+Canvas 3413


A vintage-look blend, the triblend adds rayon to the traditional cotton/polyester blend to give it a unique texture and drape against the body for a slimming look. Light-weight 3.4oz fabric.

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Blue TriBlend

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Color Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large X-Small 4X-Large
Aqua TriBlend
Berry TriBlend
Blue TriBlend
Clay TriBlend
Emerald TriBlend
Green Triblend
Grey Triblend
Maroon TriBlend
Navy TriBlend
Oatmeal TriBlend
Orange TriBlend
Purple triblend
Red TriBlend
White Fleck TriBlend
Brown Triblend
Solid Black Triblend
Teal Triblend
Athletic Grey TriBlend
Charcoal-Black Triblend
True Royal Triblend
Solid Navy Triblend
Yellow Gold Triblend
Cardinal TriBlend
Denim Triblend
Grass Green TriBlend
Mint Triblend
Sea Green Triblend
Solid Dark Grey Triblend
Solid White Triblend
Steel Blue Triblend
Ice Blue Triblend
Mauve Triblend
Olive Triblend
Peach Triblend
Solid Red Triblend
Black Heather Triblend
Sunset Triblend
Tan Briblend
Mltry Green Trblnd
Solid Forst Trbl
Solid Mrn Trblnd
Storm Triblend
Charcl Trblnd Old
Navy Trbldn Old
Military Green Triblend
Solid Forest Triblend
Tan Triblend
Solid Maroon Triblend
Brick Triblend
Dusty Blue Triblend
Lilac Triblend
Mustard Triblend
Orchid Triblend
Pale Yellow Triblend
Pink Triblend
Espresso Triblend
Cement Triblend
Sand Dune Triblend
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