Group Purchasing

Eliminate the hassle of ordering for a whole group

Group purchasing lets everyone order individually online at a group price - saving you time and frustration

Whether you're the coach, a team mom, booster club leader, or a player tasked with getting custom gear for your team, it can feel like you really drew the short straw. It's often said that the process is akin to "herding cats", which is dead-on! That's why we've launched our group purchasing software, eliminating the need for you to track down your group members' order and money - we'll handle all of it.

Our sales team will help you select the right products, customize an online store for your team, and notify your members. At that point, your members can choose their own sizes (and options like unique names), and pay individually. We then collect the orders, do a big group print (at bulk rates), and either deliver them to you in bulk, or can send to individual members - whatever you prefer.

It's fast, easy, and just as cheap as doing a bulk order the old fashioned way - what's not to love? Our teams / coaches / group leaders say that they spend 75% less time managing gear using Ann Arbor Tees Group Purchasing.

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