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Premium Adult Unisex Heavyweight Tank Top

Chouinard 9360


A 6.1oz, heavy cotton tank top in a boxy, unisex fit. Cotton is ringspun to make it softer than standard cotton, and dye is a pigment dye, giving a worn, vintage appearance to the fabric.

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Style No.
100% Cotton
Material Weight
Shirt Tag Type
Not Specified
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Color Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large 5X-Large 6X-Large
Island Reef DirDye
Neon Pink PgmDye
Aloe PgmDye
Banana DirDye
Bay DirDye
Berry PgmDye
Black DirDye
Black Raspberry DirDye
Blossom DirDye
Blue Jean PgmDye
Blue Spruce PgmDye
Brass DirDye
Brick PgmDye
Bright Salmon PgmDye
Brook DirDye
Brown DirDye
Burnt Orange PgmDye
Butter PgmDye
Celadon DirDye
Celery DirDye
Chalky Mint PgmDye
Chambray DirDye
Charcoal PgmDye
Chili DirDye
Chili Pepper DirDye
China Blue DirDye
Chocolate PgmDye
Citrus PgmDye
Clay PgmDye
Copper DirDye
Crimson PgmDye
Crunchberry PgmDye
Cumin DirDye
Dark Orange DirDye
Denim PgmDye
Emerald PgmDye
Flame DirDye
Flo Blue PgmDye
Granite DirDye
Grape PgmDye
Graphite DirDye
Grass PgmDye
Grey PgmDye
Hemp PgmDye
Ice Blue PgmDye
Ivory DirDye
Khaki PgmDye
Kiwi PgmDye
Lagoon Blue DirDye
Light Berry DirDye
Light Green PgmDye
Lilac DirDye
Lime DirDye
Maize DirDye
Mango DirDye
Melon PgmDye
Midnight DirDye
Monarch PgmDye
Moss Green PgmDye
Mustard PgmDye
Mystic DirDye
Navy PgmDye
Neon Blue PgmDye
Neon Green PgmDye
Neon Red Orange PgmDye
Neon Yellow PgmDye
Paprika DirDye
Pepper PgmDye
Periwinkle PgmDye
Plum DirDye
Purple dirdye
Raspberry DirDye
Red DirDye
Royal Caribe PgmDye
Sage DirDye
Salmon DirDye
Sandstone PgmDye
Sapphire DirDye
Sea DirDye
Seafoam PgmDye
Slate DirDye
Squash DirDye
Stone DirDye
Tangerine PgmDye
True Navy DirDye
Tumbleweed PgmDye
Vineyard PgmDye
Violet PgmDye
Washed Denim DirDye
Watermelon PgmDye
White DirDye
Willow PgmDye
Wine PgmDye
Wisteria DirDye
Yam PgmDye
Yellow DirDye
Blue Jean
Citrus Yellow
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